Dear designers & clients,
Thank you for making Strong Logos an excellent marketplace for quality logo designs. With a heavy heart, we have decided to stop running the website effective today.

The online marketplace idea works if everybody involved in the transaction is fair. However, in the current online marketplace environment, there is no actual protection for the seller.

The reason we have decided to close the marketplace is that of a growing number of fraudulent purchases. Our payment processor, chose to side with the fraudulent buyers, regardless of any evidence we have provided.

We chose to pay the designers and take a loss since we know the hard work that goes into creating logos. However, this is not sustainable for us, and we do not see a way of moving forward.

Effectively today, August 23, 2018, Strong Logos does no longer provide any services. We thank you for the believing in us, and hopefully, we'll be able to collaborate in the future.

The Strong Logos Team